Elite Athletes Qualifying Standards


In late 1999 the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation carried out a survey of all National Governing Bodies of Sport in Bermuda to ascertain whether any changes needed to be made to the format of the Elite Athlete Programme.


Following the survey it was agreed that the BOA should continue to administer the programme with the same basic format.  Minor changes have been made in the way that A, B and C athletes are identified.


Submission for Elite Athlete funding must be made to the BOA, accompanied by supporting documentation.  This will speed the process and ensure that worthy recipients are recognized in a timely fashion.


Any queries regarding the foregoing may be made to the undersigned by phone at 234-0485, fax 234 3010 or email



The four major festivals are as follows:
1. The Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC)*
2. The Commonwealth Games
3. The Pan American Games
4. The Olympic Games


1.  The Bermuda Olympic Association's  TECHNICAL COMMITTEE  oversees the standards and the selection of athletes for the four major festivals and any regional or world competition that come under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee.  The Committee are also  responsible for dealing with all matters of a technical nature.  A separate committee is formed to oversee matters involving the misuse and abuse of drugs.  The Chairman of the Committees have the power to co-opt consultants when necessary.


*It has been the practice in the past that the BOA did not insist on requiring the National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to submit standards for the CAC Games.  This policy remains in place, and the BOA continue to provide the Chef de Mission to oversee these Games and report back to the Association.


2.  (i)  In all sports the NATIONAL GOVERNING BODIES will prepare standards for consideration by the Bermuda Olympic Association's (BOA's) Technical Committee.  The Technical Committee will have the power to change or have explained any standard(s) submitted.  The NGBs should also be prepared to provide the rationale used to formulate their standards, first in writing and/or verbally before the Technical Committee.  The decision of the Technical Committee will be final and MUST be forwarded to the NGBs as soon as the standards have been finalized.  NGBs should be prepared to present initial standards well in advance of the respective festivals, bearing in mind that preparation for Olympic competition, which is the pinnacle of any athlete's aspirations, should be a four year cycle.


(ii)  In the case of the Olympic Games in particular, and with respect to the other festivals mentioned, if there is an entry standard set by the International Federation for one or more competitors, then that standard would automatically serve as the attainable standard of the BOA provided that the International Federation standard is higher.


(iii)  In all events the performance(s) submitted to the BOA's Technical Committee should be properly documented.  It should, when practical, be accompanied by the official technical results, signed by a recognized authority of the event.  All performances submitted should be achieved in a properly organized and sanctioned event.  Under special circumstances other documented evidence may be used to support an athlete's performance.  For example, the official technical results in an officially recognized publication.


(iv)  Listed performances for a major festival should have been achieved within twelve (12) months, (eighteen months for some sports, and the BOA may consider 'exceptional circumstances' such as Equestrian 3 Day Event), prior to the festival or games and confirmed by a performance of equal or comparable merit (within three (3) months) of the opening ceremonies of the particular festival or games.


(v)  Exception to this general rule shall be any particular EVENT for which the qualifying competition might take place some considerable time before the opening ceremony of the festival concerned.  In such cases, provisional selection of competitors may be made immediately after the completion of such a qualifying event.


(vi)  In every case where provisional selection is made it shall be subject to the agreement of the competitors concerned to conform to a programme of training and development set by the NGB, in conjunction with the BOA.  The purpose of this condition shall be to demonstrate continued performance, ability, commitment, fitness, etc. at the qualifying level or better, right up to the time of final selection and approval.


(vii)  The BOA reserves the right to pre-select athletes for all major competitions.  The BOA has the right to insist that an athlete undergo further trials, competition, etc.  These decisions should be made in conjunction with the NGBs.


3.  (i)  In sports of an individual nature, NOT measurable by a stop-watch or tape, for example BOXING, the NGB shall submit opponents of international calibre, together with the decisions and/or scores achieved on the athlete's behalf.


(ii)  Depending on the nature of the sport, the (i) above should have taken place within the twelve (12) months immediately prior to the particular games or festivals.


(iii)  A performance of equal merit to ascertain the level of performance, ability, commitment, fitness, etc. shall be required within three (3) months of the opening ceremonies of the particular festival and/or games.


(iv)  Exceptions to Rule (iii) may be considered under 'Special Circumstances' where major competitions may not be available, such as in Tennis or Sailing.


4.  In sports of a TEAM nature, not measured by stopwatch or tape, the group for consideration shall have either qualified through an official qualification trials


Qualified through a record of performance during the twelve (12) months immediately prior to the particular festival against opposition deemed to be of equal merit, preferably nations represented at similar festivals, competitions or opponents known to be of the required calibre.  Proper documentation including official match report MUST be presented to the BOA's Technical Committee.


5.  (i)  All competitors chosen to represent Bermuda shall be required to undergo a thorough medical examination.  Tests for DRUG misuse and/or abuse will also be required.


(ii)  All officials submitted to or chosen by the BOA may have to undergo tests, if deemed necessary, for normal body functioning and/or freedom from disease.


6.  Three (3) months prior or at a time determined by the BOA of the opening ceremony of a particular games or festival the NGBs shall be asked to submit their final list of athletes, in writing with full supporting documentation.  In the event that an athlete is submitted who has not met the qualifying requirements at the time of submission, a rational for his/her inclusion MUST be submitted in writing.


7.  All decisions concerning the selection of athletes and the appointment of officials shall be the sole responsibility of the Bermuda Olympic Association, under the terms and conditions of the Olympic Charter.



The foregoing recommendations are presented in the hope that interpretation shall be in the spirit of good sport and sportsmanship and that the spirit of cooperation will prevail. However any minimum standards recommended and accepted must be strictly adhered to, and any date deadlines set will be subject to similar restrictions.

Respectfully submitted.

Michael J. Cherry, Chairman Technical Committee
Members: Stanley Douglas, Lee White, Jordy Walker



The Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation has provided a sum of money to be used to assist our Elite Athletes. It is of vital importance that the money be used wisely.  It should be noted that it will be an AID, not a CHARITY.  It will be expected that the young athletes give of their best; to work hard, to sacrifice, to have pride in themselves and in achievement.  The end result will be twofold.  One, we must be seen to be getting value for money.  Secondly, it is the hope that our athletes would be able to compete on level terms with their compatriots around the world.

We feel the progress made by many of our young athletes in the past has been directly proportional, and is a result of this fund being in place.



1.1  Research has indicated that while standards remained rather static during the decade of the 80s, Bermuda's international sports performances, relative to other countries, began to show signs of resurgence as the decade of the 90s continued toward the 21st century.  We have a number of world class performances as perfect examples.

1.2  Bermuda must clearly define its goals for international competitions, looking forward to ultimate participation at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  This must be supplemented by the National Governing Bodies (NGBs) indicating and documenting their goals, planning and forecasting how and who among their athletes can be part of a programme of excellence.  This is vital if we as a small country intend to impact upon the stage of world class athletes. It means identifying our talent and making sure that they have the means and opportunity to maximize their potential.

1.3  For many sports, competition at the appropriate level is unavailable in Bermuda.  It is, however, available in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and throughout the world

1.4  The Department of Youth and Sport cannot meet ALL the training needs of the NGBs, and it is totally unrealistic and impractical to think that they may ever do so.  Therefore there will always be a lack of facilities capable of accommodating events of international/national standard in Bermuda, in some sports.

1.5  Bermuda is a small country and the chances of finding exceptional world class talent will be commensurately small.  This is what is exciting and so important.  We MUST ensure that this talent has the best opportunity and means to maximize the potential.

1.6  Within the funding levels available, it will be necessary to concentrate our resources on this small group, in order to achieve world standards.

1.7  National Governing Bodies must identify potential talent together with training and performance objectives, as well as with financial estimates.  Athletes who have demonstrated during the previous twelve (12) months that they are candidates for CAC, Commonwealth, Pan American and Olympic Games are eligible for financial consideration.  Such athletes will be categorized 'A' 'B' or 'C'.  The athletes will be expected to participate in National Championships and Continental Championships where practical so that objective results can be obtained.  It should be noted that sports are different and that established criteria will not apply to all sports, demanding a degree of individuality with regard to awards being granted.


1.8  a)  Category 'A' Athletes are eligible for maximum assistance and must equal or better the standards for the highest competition set by their international federation.  Athletes in Category 'A' will be expected to perform in a minimum of four international competitions per year; however exception may be considered due to the nature of the sport, e.g. marathon runners.

b)  Category 'B' Athletes are those who during the previous twelve (12) months have demonstrated that they have the potential to meet Category 'A' status.  Funding will consist of travel and per diem expenses in order to allow the athlete to attend overseas events for exposure and qualifying at approved competitions.  Athletes must compete in a minimum of two international events annually.

c)  Category 'C' Athleteswill be identified by National Governing Bodies as potential 'B' and 'A' athletes, and will be supported for one international event or high performance training annually, provided that performance improvement is determined.


It should be noted that 'A', 'B' or 'C' athletes could gain or lose a category based upon participation and progress reports supplied by National Governing Bodies on a strict quarterly basis.


1.9  The Bermuda Olympic Association will decide whether to support any athlete and/or team and to what extent.  It is our concerted opinion that the BOA remains the best body in terms of objectivity and knowledge to serve this purpose at the moment.  Any changes to this we feel will, at this time, be counter productive.


2.0  The Bermuda Olympic Association decisions shall be final.